For the past 34 years, Clyde Taber has worked in ministry on three different continents. He co-founded the Visual Story Network to equip the church worldwide through media, story and innovation to reach and disciple the nations. In the first five years, they emphasized media training. They then realized, without a good story, media is largely ineffective. Media without story is like notes without a melody, like a computer without software, like a vehicle without fuel. In the last few years Clyde has become a “story evangelist.” He wants all God’s people to be as enthusiastic about story as he is.

1.  Story is the key to a resistant heart

2.  Story is universal

3.  Story sticks

4.  Story inspires

5.  Story is cinematic

6.  Story gives meaing to lives

 7.  God has modeled story for us

For more information on the 7 Reasons to Use Story in Your Ministry, click on the link below.