Worthy is the Lord

Last year we were battered by Cyclone Idai, a terrible storm here in the
city of Beira. Many were homeless, some were desperate. That night
God kept giving me (Manuel Mario) songs in my heart. A few days later,
I called the praise team and said “Let us write a song for the Lord”.
God gave us 3 songs. When we asked God “What do we offer you in
this confusing moment?” He said “Adore me, declare my holiness, my
dignity… say that I am worthy of all honor” so we sang:
Father, before your presence Worthy is the Lord, there is none like You
We bow down and worship You Holy, You are Holy
We surrender to your greatness, Worthy is the Lord, there is none like You
Oh Father We exalt you
Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0XcSFlSm1o

During our 5 years of marriage, we have lived on 2 continents, discipled
dozens of people and had one beautiful baby girl. In Brazil, where
Joice is from, she was a youth leader. Manuel Mario was teaching
classes on the subject of Cross Cultural Mission a Seminary. Every
minute we were ministering in Brazil, our hearts were longing to be in
In 2017, an opportunity to be part of starting Beira United Christian
Academy, a primary school in Moçambique, was offered to us. Our
hearts for discipleship saw this as an opportunity to shape the future
leaders of Moçambique. Along with that, we were offered an
opportunity to lead worship at Baptista Renovada, the church Manuel
Mario grew up in. We said yes to both these opportunities. In the midst
of all of it all, we had our first daughter, Maria Julia. She shares our
heart for music and loving people. Our lives are filled with rich
relationships and challenging decisions. We continue to sing “Worthy is
the Lord, there is none like you.”

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Rua Filipe Samuel Magaia,
Email: armahala@hotmail.co.uk
Skype: manuelmario
Whatsapp: +258 852212349