-The Ars Performing Arts Centre has been focused in reaching our postmodern, post-Christian Western culture through the arts and humanities in the last 13 years in Madrid, Spain, through music, dance, theatre, concerts, festivals, conferences and various other forums.
-Right now we are in the process of readjusting, refocusing, and transitioning from a performing arts school to a Foundation, The Ars Vitalis Foundation.

-Our society has been changing drastically in the last few years, and we feel God is leading us to refocus the way we approach the ministry to be able to be more effective in reaching the people we want to reach.

-The main goal of the ministry now is to be able to tackle the challenging issues, movements and ideologies which have taken over the Western mindset. A mindset that has been defined by some sociologists and thinkers as insane in many aspects. This is certainly an era when good has become bad, evil has become good, and common sense has been replaced by political correctness, identity politics, self centeredness, fear and irrationality. As a consequence unorthodox-immoral and shameful human behaviour has permeated the fabric of our Western culture in most European countries.
-These are the overwhelming issues that need to be addressed in a way which can incite people to reflect, think and discuss them in a reasonable way that can facilitate the presentation of the Christian values and the relevance of the gospel message. That is our challenge as a Christian arts ministry.
So we would really appreciate prayers for the following items.
1-      Wisdom and guidance from God.
2-      People with vision and God´s love for the decaying Western world to
          join the ministry.
3-      Financial and practical resources.
4-      The musical Animal Talk which is a major production we are working on
         right now. We need singers, actors and dancers and the financial
         resources to be able to make the whole production happened.
5-      The publication of the book: Postmodernism, the Arts and a Paradigm
         Shift, which we are finishing right now. It still needs to be edited and we need
         to find a publisher who would be interested.
6-      For the three of us, Lilli, my wife, Danny, our son and me; as a
         family and as the leaders of the ministry.
7-    Our praise report is that in the midst of this difficult transition
       God has been so faithful in helping us not to give up, get discouraged
       or frustrated. We have felt his presence even more real and his peace
       and joy in our heart more tangible. Also as we started the writing of
       the musical we have needed finances to pay for some of the first
       expenses, like a music composer, professional singers, etc. and God has
       miraculously provided the amount we needed to be able to get started.

Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers.
Hector, Lilli and Danny Ramirez.

To find out more visit: www.arsvitalis.es/the-christian-perspective/