Art for Change Foundation in Delhi seeks to shape society with beauty and truth through the arts. We have been working in the bustling capital of India for an exciting 13 years. In these years our commitment has remained on emerging artists and the vulnerable artists. With our programs we seek to provide the best opportunities for our artists be it with mentorship, residency programs or with our  exhibitions. Our residency programs brings to the table, pressing issues of our time from gender and income inequality, health and environmental concerns to deepening our understanding about ourselves and our roles as artists. 

The last year and half of interruptions was a trying time for our organization but it did not put us on a halt. Even as we shut our studio and offices for 6 months after which we moved physically towards a collaboration with a center working with disability which aims to equip families with the tools they need to thrive. Even as  we continue to develop our art   programs for disability,we look to a range of themes that  confront us today. Few months ago, we in collaborate with experts in the Mental Health field were able to have our first virtual residency with 50 artists over a two week period to discuss and make art around Mental Health. The artworks go to start conversation, raise  awareness and even nudge on policy change.

As we got some respite from the pandemic, we were able to have a  pending exhibition from our last  International Artists  Residency. The two weeks of engagement brought in new conversations around what to do with difference.

The pandemic with all its woes has also been an opportunity. It has been a time of self reflecting and re-organizing as we equip with the tools, models and sustainable strategies required to serve artists and vulnerable communities in India through art. We love to be in touch with like minded folks and are continually excited about potentials that collaborations can bring. 

Isaac Gergan

Director, Art for Change Foundation

New Delhi, India


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