As Bryn Gillette prepares to paint the fourth pillar of the Lausanne commission, “The Kingdom in Every Sphere of Society”, he is keenly aware that the Arts are one of those spheres.  The painting is scheduled to be revealed in Manila this coming summer during Lausanne’s “Global Workplace Summit”, with a unique breakout track for the artists  attending, a pivotal time and place for global artistic connections.

It is Bryn’s  prayer that many artistic “siblings” meet for the first time in Manila, drawing deeply from a common well of spiritual inspiration, and collectively exploring a vision for the whole gospel, in the whole Church, for the whole world.  As Leighton Ford shared at his cafe table, “This is a timely moment for a birth in the arts, as this generation is so visual and relational.  The Holy Spirit is brooding with something new and creative.”

Bryn Gillette is a painter and art teacher defined by his identity as an “ambassador of Jesus Christ, a husband, and a father”.

Lausanne Pillar 3; A Christ-like Leader
for Every Church by Bryn Gillette