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The LausanneARTS holds the vision that through the re-engagement of artists back into the life of the church, and back into the work evangelistic work of the church, there can be a return to the fullness of the church and an effectual fullness to its work of World Evangelization.

To that end:

We encourage both artistic leaders and Church leaders come into effectual partnership in the acts of worship, biblical reflection, theologizing, strategizing, ministry planning and ministry action.

We urge church and organizational leaders to pray for not only the reengagement of artists into their ministries, but also for the artists in God’s kingdom, that they may find warmth and peace in the community of the church and that through this community they find a theological, missiological, strategic, and ministerial place for their imaginal intelligence and works of art.

Finally, to all individuals, we deeply urge you to be praying for this pioneering work to receive the favor of the Lord, as we look to be servants in His hands and aim to utilize His artistically gifted gifts to reach a world in which visual and emotive communication is increasingly the vernacular of the majority. Please pray with us, that through the skills of visual and emotive communication, all will hear the Good News in their primary mode of communication.