With the full integration of HSI and OM Arts, we’re excited to announce that INCARNATE, the flagship training program of Inspiro Arts Alliance, will now feature ethnodoxology at an even greater level.

A new CURATOR track has been added to train artists as ethnodoxologists and all artistic disciplines will learn the Creating Local Arts Together (CLAT) approach to ministry.  

Celebrate with us and spread the word!  In preparation for 2021, we’re offering the following training:

What is it?  Incarnate Leadership Training will focus specifically on how to cultivate beautiful worship and witness in a local community along with introducing the new ethnodoxology component of Incarnate. 
Who is it for?  Artists who want to think creatively about how to connect with their community of   focus. Experienced artists and ethnodoxologists interested in engaging with Incarnate as mentors, teachers, or cross-cultural guides. Local Hosts who want a clearer picture of what hosting Incarnate teams in their communities will look like.

What will we do? This ILT will focus on three areas. You can choose which you’d like to focus on. Participants will work in groups related to their interests.

EthnodoxETHNODOXOLOGY (what is ethnodoxology?) will be a thread throughout the relaunch of Incarnate. Every community is unique and needs a unique plan. But, the process of developing that plan is similar.  That is where this training comes in.

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Experience “10,00 Stories” – the portion of Incarnate that walks through the steps of empowering ethnodoxology in a local community.
  • Customize it – think creatively about how to customize these steps and teaching modules to best connect with your community of focus.

       You do not have to attend Incarnate to join this training.

When is it?

June 2 – June 8, 2020
First session starts 15:00, June 2.  Last session ends at 20:00, June 8.
Where is it?
Epicentrum Event Center in Érd, Hungary (https://epicentrum.eu/en/)
How Much Does it cost?
$300 all-inclusive (housing, food, local transportation, excursions, and materials).  You are responsible for visas and travel to/from Budapest International Airport.
Private rooms and family suites are available upon request for a slighter higher rate.
 Registration and in partnership with OM Hungary

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Questions?    Contact us at incarnate.arts@om.org for more information.

Contact us at incarnate.arts@om.org for more information.