God surprises in unexpected ways, yet our expectation is in the knowledge that He is always at work. “God knows what He’s  doing… and He’s doing it!”  April can be a difficult time in Rwanda emotionally and spiritually as we remember the horrific and evil past of the Genocide just 23 years ago. Stresses and  emotions can become  heightened during this time. Jacques (our night guard) and his wife Clementine found themselves at wits end with stresses and struggles of a young family striving to grow and survive.  As shame and intentions of darkness would have it, the solution was for them to separate and for Clementine to leave with their sweet son, Preston to go live with her family in the village. Along with Jen’s gift of discernment and counsel, and assistance from our house helper, Margaret, as our interpreter, we found ourselves sitting on the front porch to talk, listen, pray, and see  healing right in the middle of Genocide Memorial week and right before Easter.

As we talked through emotional hurts, and   practical steps of healing, God moved in a beautiful way. In the course of a difficult discussion, suddenly, they said they were ready to accept Jesus! The next thing we knew, there we were praying with Jacques and Clementine to receive Jesus as their Savior! Jen spoke phrases in English,Margaret interpreted, and Jacques and Clementine repeated the words in Kinyarwanda. We’re thankful for how the Lord worked in this surprising way, and brought new life out of brokenness. What a great way to honor Memorial week, and celebrate Holy week all at the same time! We took a picture to commemorate the date of their new life in Christ.

We have included a video and pictures from our recent performances – Green Hills Academy.  Thank you for praying for us during these times and for us to be effective in what God has called us to here in Rwanda as missionaries with A.C.T. Intl.

The Gaskills serve in Kigali, Rwanda with A.C.T Intl (Artists in Christian Testimony International) through the ministry Rwanda Rising – participating in Rwanda’s rising growth through education, relationship, community development, and love.


Green Hills Academy Top Band and Traditional Drumming Team on a tour around Rwanda