This three day event gathers professional, pre-professional and aspiring dancers for training, performances and  net-working. The weekend is  centered around an all day open  air dance concert that is free to the public featuring local and international dance artistry in ballet, jazz,  modern, hip hop and tap.  Dancers  gather with a common vision:  to bring hope and healing through  the universal language of dance.  Project Dance will present their first 2019 concert March 15th-17th in Houston. 

Project Dance Live will kick-off  our weekend event! Enjoy dance  performances from some of our professional companies; hear great live music, and meet some of the most fascinating artists from around the globe, as we talk with them one-on-one.

Worship Concert! Our evening would not be complete without  this unique worship  experience.   Jonathan Rennie has put together a customized band for the evening in order to give dancers an opportunity to prepare our hearts for Saturday’s Open Air Dance Concert.

Outdoor Concert is the single most important aspect of the  entire weekend.  All of our efforts are  centered on hosting you, as you bring your gifts and talents to the heart of Houston. When you walk through Friday’s check-in, you will be  given details about what to  expect, for your   performance on Saturday.

Project Dance Morning  Inspiration begins with a  corporate time of singing and celebrating God.  You do not want to miss this very rich time of sharing and hearing stories of how lives were changed on Saturday during performance


Randall Flinn

Event Producer



Tiffany Schrepferman