Steve Scott is a British mixed media artist, writer and lecturer. He came to the USA in the mid 1970s to record with Jesus Rock  pioneer Larry Norman, and has since put out ten albums of original music. His two books on arts, faith and cultural pluralism are `Crying for a  Vision’(1991/reprinted 2005) and `Like A House on Fire’ (1997/reprinted 2003) He is a frequent(ish) guest lecturer at conferences on these subjects, and most  recently has had the      opportunity to share in Australia, South East Asia and India.

CURRENT PROJECTS:  For some years Steve has been exploring through art, and arts talks, the idea that the gospel of John provides both a foundation and case study for creative approaches to cultural engagement in the life and mission of the church. This  exploration has resulted in everything from a Balinese shadow play in 2005, to the video THE DESCENDING OF THE DOVE you are watching via a link here and now. The shadow play was performed during an arts and faith conference on the island of Bali, organized by CANA (Christian Artists Networking Association. Steve directs this organization ) The video is of one of the songs associated with `the John project’ a mixed  media event which will eventually combine arts like dance, music, visuals and times of  participatory worship. Our first step  is to building collaborative partnerships by posting videos like  this one, and inviting artistic responses (such as dance/visual art/paint live/record your own cover version. ) We then ask you to post your own video results. More  details at the link in the video.  BTW, Steve’s talk `The Life of Signs: The Gospel of John as a resource for the mission of cultural engagement’ is one of the break out seminars at GCOMM 2021.

OTHER:  In 2012 CANA and two British arts organizations collaborated on RUN WITH THE FIRE an Olympic themed art show that combined a digital exhibit of  international art with a number of   different local, community based      exhibits. A streamlined `reboot’ of this show is in preparation for later this Summer in Japan.  To learn more about all (or a good deal) of the above, please visit Steve partners with, and is a ministry department of ACT (Artists in Christian Testimony) International.