EthnoArts is both a buzz word in recent years as well as a unique and integral part of ministry around the world.  Those working in EthnoArts seek to collaborate with and support churches, ministry partners and colleagues serving communities as we all strive to communicate in clear, natural and meaningful ways.  

This new podcast, “Sparking Creativity: The EthnoArts Podcast,” shares impact stories from around the globe. Through stories and interviews, it highlights ways EthnoArts work benefits a plethora of ministry domains by incorporating special forms of artistic communication. 

Listen to “Sparking Creativity” now at or  whichever podcast platform you prefer. You can  also follow on Facebook and Instagram @ethnoartspod.

Its producers hope this  podcast inspires and  encourages others to  consider the creative ways God has uniquely equipped communities to connect with him, engage with Scripture, share the gospel and further  develop their community goals through local artistic forms of communication.


Justin Randolph
SIL Eurasia EthnoArts Consultant and Coordinator
SIL Mainland Southeast Asia EthnoArts Consultant